I was at home Macing a piggy bak I ask my popow for sum tap he gave me sum tap. So he gave me sum tap I youd it to tap the bodem and the top.

So the miney will not fall out of it so my popow tap the bodem and the top.

I mad my piggy back it was fun to Mack a piggy back rill fun to Mack it.






On my wiging I played on my cusis game.

The game was football I bit him the skew was 21 to 26 I had 26.

He was so jalis that he Los to me my sisters was saying a sog.

I with to go et at my popos house my dad tug me and my sisters hom.

Me and my sisters did not git to et at my popos but I et at my house.

  1. We was toging with Are frans.
  2. Are frans was on fastim.
  3. The Hol class togd on the canthe.
  4. Thay live on a bot is that cool.
  5. We aaskd thim sum crisis.
  6. It was so fun I will show you sum pincers.

A book







  1. For my winding I played in my house.
  2. it was so much fun in sid my house.
  3. I jupd on my bed it was so mush fun.
  4. And I was playing no my sisters bed.
  5. All of my sisters was Coming with me.
  6. It was fun in sid the house to bgn with.
  7. I love to play in the house.
  1. The catpilers is prt of nacre.




  1. For my wiging I played out sid.
  2. It was so cool out sid.
  3. But win I was saying by to my cusin.
  4. He throw a rock at my had it was bad.
  5. I ran to my house my mom cam to me.
  6. She was so skad I was to.
  7. Win my cusin thith that I was mad.
  8. So was my mom she was so mad.
  9. That she math me stay in the house.
  1. The special Olympics was grat.
  2. Playing with my fras was grat.
  3. It was the bast day ever.
  4. I loved play with Mrs.shearin.
  5. The filcrip was so grat for erey bidey.
  6. My bast part was win I was haping dkiy.
  7. And I git to et at the filcrip.
  8. It was so mush fun dowind stuf.
  9. it was so hot out sid.
  1. I had so much stuf in tol I cradit.
  2. It was fun crading stuf.
  3. I cradit with jiney it was so fun.